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Pornhub Stock IPO: Can You Invest in this Adult Entertainment Site?

The following guide answers the question: Can you Buy Pornhub Stock?

Just like Undervalued Stocks, this adult entertainment company could be an enormously profitable investment center.

Many ask the same question about other controversial organizations such as OnlyFans or Donald Trump’s Truth Social.

Although Pornhub was not the first pornography website, it has become one of the most popular and visited sites in the industry.

Its explosion in success can be attributed to the ability of professional and amateur creators to post videos to the site, the vast selection of videos available in various categories, and the adaptation of the site to include videos capable of being viewed with virtual reality (VR) technology.

We explore this question of buying Pornhub Stock below. If IPOs interest you, check out our list of the Best Upcoming IPOs.

What is Pornhub?

Pornhub is a Canadian-owned pornography website that has become the 10th most trafficked website worldwide and the 3rd most trafficked adult website.

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According to Forbes, 115 million people visited Pornhub every day in 2019 and 42 billion visited the site during that entire year.

The popular site allows users to view pornographic videos from both professional and amateur content creators.

However, there is non-pornographic content available on the site as well. The most notable is Leilah Weinraub’s documentary titled, Shakedown.

Both free and paid account options are available on the site. A free account allows users to post comments on videos, download videos, add videos to their ‘favorites,’ and upload their own videos.

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Whereas a paid account, called Pornhub Premium, provides users access to exclusive content not available to those with a free account.

Pornhub has gone beyond 2-D viewing of content and has videos available to be viewed with virtual reality (VR) goggles.

These videos allow Pornhub Premium users to access 360 degrees of viewing.

Recently, the site has implemented more stringent security measures for users uploading videos.

Videos are flagged if they contain content that violates the website’s terms of service and the site employs Vobile to search for uploads of banned videos and removes them from the site.

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Although not known for its philanthropic endeavors, Pornhub has implemented ways to make a positive impact on the causes that are most important to its users.

In April of 2012, Pornhub introduced the ‘Boob Bus,’ which was intended to raise awareness for breast cancer by offering free breast exams and teaching self-examination techniques.

In August of 2012 Pornhub hosted a ‘Save the Boobs!’ campaign that pledged to donate money, based on the number of videos viewed within certain categories on the website, to the Eileen Stein Jacoby Fund, Cancer Sucks Inc., and more organizations involved in researching and treating breast cancer.


Pornhub History

Matt Keezer founded the Pornhub website and integrated it within the company, Interhub. Pornhub was launched in Montreal, Canada, in May of 2007.

Pornhub, along with RedTube and YouPorn platforms, had 100 million unique visitors in 2009.

Interhub was purchased by the Manwin Conglomerate, later rebranded as MindGeek in 2013, in March of 2010.

Pornhub Select was launched in October of 2013 in an effort to introduce quality curation to the website.

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Also in October of 2013, PornIQ was launched, which served as a content curation website that uses an algorithm to create personalized video playlists for users.

The site launched an online casino, powered by Betsoft, Endorphina, and 1 x 2 gaming software, in February of 2016.

Pornhub announced that starting in 2018 it would identify and tag performers and sex acts using computer vision and artificial intelligence (A.I.) in October of 2017.

Verge cryptocurrency was accepted as a payment option in April of 2018.

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A virtual private network (VPN) service called VPNHub was launched by the company in May of 2018.

Also in December of 2020, the site removed all videos posted by unverified users, which reduced the content available on the platform from 13 million to 4 million videos.

Notable Users

Listed below are ten of the most popular Pornhub performers based on the number of views on their videos:

  • Lana Rhoades
  • Abella Danger
  • Eva Elfie
  • Riley Reid
  • Angela White
  • Adriana Chechik
  • Mia Khalifa
  • Mia Malkova
  • Alex Adams
  • Emily Willis

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Non-consensual pornography, sex-trafficking videos, and sexual abuse videos have appeared on the website throughout its history.

These videos can be reported to the company via an online form; however, the site has been criticized for its slow response, or inaction, when attempts to remove the videos have been attempted by users and victims.

Between 2017 and 2019, the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) found 118 instances of sexual abuse videos on Pornhub.

Internet Watch Foundation

Visa and Mastercard blocked the use of their cards on Pornhub in December of 2020.

In an attempt to help museums recover from the financial distress of the quarantine brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, Pornhub launched an interactive guide of classic art in July of 2021, which they called Classic Nudes.

However, the site was sued for copyright infringement by notable museums, including The Louvre, Uffizi Gallery, and Museo del Prado.

There has also been researching done into the advertisements on the Pornhub website. Conrad Longmore found in 2014 that the advertisements on the site contained malware programs.

In 2017, Proofpoint found that advertisements on the site had the potential to install override software onto the user’s computer.

Based on various reasons, countries around the world have banned the site at various times, or indefinitely. These countries include India, China, the Philippines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Russia, and Thailand.

Pornhub Stock IPO?

As Pornhub is a privately owned website, you cannot purchase shares of stock in it.

It is also not possible to purchase stock in its parent company, MindGeek, as this Canadian company has remained private as well.

Pornhub Stock – Estimated Value

Since Pornhub is not currently publicly traded, there is not a price to report on how much a single stock would cost.

The most accurate way to determine an initial IPO price would be to compare it to other publicly traded membership platforms in the content creation industry.

We can use the IPO opening price of similar companies in the content creation industry to get a range of what to expect for a price when it does go public.


  • Opening Price of Stock: $7.00
  • Previous 52 Week High: $61.80



  • Opening Price of Stock: $13.88
  • Previous 52 Week High: $203.02

disney stock


  • Opening Price of Stock: $25.49
  • Previous 52 Week High: $101.97



  • Opening Price of Stock: $15.00
  • Previous 52 Week High: $598.75


Fox Corp.

  • Opening Price of Stock: $36.70
  • Previous 52 Week High: $42.14

fox corp stock

With a business model that offers content for any kind of kind or fantasy a user may desire and the dedication to improving the user’s viewing experience using artificial intelligence curated playlists and virtual reality videos, one could infer that if Pornhub ever does go public, the price of their IPO could fall somewhere within the opening prices above.

Therefore, it would be safe to assume that its IPO opening price could range from $7 – $37.

Whereas the potential growth of a single share of stock could reach between $42 – $600 when analyzing the previous 52-week highs of companies operating in the same sector.

Parent Company

Pornhub is owned by its parent company, MindGeek. A company that has remained privately owned.


Additional Companies Owned:

MindGeek also owns several additional subsidiaries in addition to Pornhub.

Below is a list of additional subsidiaries MindGeek owns:

  • Brazzers
  • Digital Playground
  • Mofos Network
  • Nutaku
  • Reality Kings
  • Sean Cody
  • Twistys
  • PornMD
  • RedTube
  • YouPorn
  • Babes Network
  • MILF Hunter
  • Milf Next Door
  • Euro Sex Parties
  • Crazy College GFs
  • See My Wife

Alternative Investments

So, you can’t buy stock in Pornhub, but you’re determined to buy equity in another membership platform in the content creation industry. What are some of your alternative options?

  • Comcast Corp. (CMCSA)
  • The Walt Disney Co. (DIS)
  • ViacomCBS Inc. (VIAC)
  • Netflix Inc. (NFLX)
  • Vivendi SA (VIVHY)
  • Fox Corp. (FOXA)

Can You Buy Stock in Pornhub?

It is a great question to ask because this pornography website could be an enormously profitable investment center.

Especially when you take into account the billions of users that visit the site each year, the ability of content creators to post videos to the site to increase their audience, the vast selection of videos available, and the dedication by the site to continuously improve the users experience through virtual reality videos.

Ultimately, no, you cannot buy stock in Pornhub. But with its continually expanding fanbase around the world, the company could go public very soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Buy Pornhub Stock?

No, you can’t buy stock in Pornhub as this adult entertainment company is owned by a parent company called MindGeek.

When is the Pornhub Stock IPO?

Pornhub has not filed for an IPO, as they are owned by a parent company.

How Much Will Pornhub Stock Cost?

Although Pornhub has not filed for an IPO, would be safe to assume that its IPO opening price would fall somewhere in the $7 to $37 range.

Who Owns Pornhub?

Pornhub is owned by MindGeek. Bernd Bergmair is the majority owner of MindGeek.