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6 Best Vegan Stocks – Invest in the Future of Food (Sep 2022)

The following guide covers the Best Vegan Stocks to Buy in 2022.

The best vegan stocks are BYND, TTCF, OTLY, and many others found in this list.

Some of these options can be considered very Undervalued Stocks that could provide major returns and help investors join the booming vegan industry!

While Robinhood is the most used brokerage for trading stocks, some of the stocks in this guide are traded on Over the Counter Markets (OTC).

Prior to diving into the best vegan stocks, it’s important to understand what a vegan stock is and the risks associated with investing in them.

What is a Vegan Stock?

A vegan stock refers to the stock of a company that is involved in the business of producing or distributing vegan products.

According to Sentient Media, surveys have found a 300 percent increase in vegans between 2004 and 2019, totaling about 3 percent of the United States population.

With the increase of health consciousness growing in the United States, this industry is showing no signs of slowing down.

What is a Vegan Stock?

Therefore, having vegan stocks in your portfolio early on has the potential to earn massive returns for investors.

The video below further explains investing in the vegan sector and everything you need to know to get started.


Important: Before investing in vegan stocks, it’s important to understand the risks and commonalities of single stocks.

Investing in individual vegan stocks is not one of the top traits among the world’s best investors. In fact, the best investors are actually dead:

Best Investors are Dead – Fidelity Study

Some of the main risks with investing in certain vegan stocks include the following:

  • High volatility – individual stocks
  • Government regulations
  • Lack of liquidity
  • Unproven businesses

While there are several risks, it is still very possible for investors to make money from vegan stocks through share appreciation.

The same can also be said for 5G Penny Stocks and other promising companies who file for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).

Best Upcoming IPOs to Buy

Below you will find a complete list of the best vegan stocks to buy in 2022.

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Best Vegan Stocks to Buy Now

I recommend bookmarking this page to keep you up to date on the Best Vegan Stocks to Buy in 2022. This page is updated Weekly for your reference.

The following list was last updated on Thu, Jan, 26, 2023

This is similar to our list of Best Sports Betting Stocks and Robinhood Dividend Stocks.

The best vegan stocks below are ranked based on the following criteria:

  • Historical Performance
  • Market Cap
  • Company Outlook
  • Capital Management & Leadership
  • Average Volume

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best vegan stocks beyond meat

1. Beyond Meat (BYND)

Beyond Meat (BYND) tops our list for several reasons. This California-based vegan company produces plant-based meats and shows no signs of slowing down.

They have a market cap towering above $6 billion and have returned over 320 percent for its shareholders since its IPO.

Market Cap: $6.79B

Average Volume: 3.30M

best vegan stocks oatly

2. Oatly (OTLY)

The Oatly Group (OTLY) specializes in developing oat-based products. They are best known for their oat milk and dessert offerings.

This company’s market cap exceeds $9 billion and could be a great buying opportunity for the long term.

Market Cap: $9.42B

Average Volume: 1.92M

best vegan stocks tattooed chef

3. Tattooed Chef (NASDAQ: TTCF)

Tattooed Chef (TTCF) is focusing its efforts towards the frozen foods market for vegan options. Its plant-based frozen foods are GMO-free, organic, and protein-rich.

This company has yielded a return for its shareholders of over 91 percent in the past five years! They also have a market cap of above $1.5 billion.

Market Cap: $1.54B

Average Volume: 1.65M

best vegan stocks united national foods

4. United Natural Foods (UNFI)

United Natural Foods (UNFI) is involved in the distribution of natural and organic food products.

This vegan company has a market cap of above $2.6 billion and is on a steady recovery returning over 153 percent year to date.

Market Cap: $2.65B

Average Volume: 8.89M

laird superfood

5. Laird Superfood (LSF)

Laird Superfood (LSF) is an Oregon-based company that produces plant-based foods in various segments.

This business has a market cap exceeding $171 million and could be an intriguing buying opportunity to those holding for the long term.

Market Cap: $171.37M

Average Volume: 52.22K

else nutrition

6. Else Nutrition (OTC: BABYF)

Our bonus vegan stock features Else Nutrition (BABYF) who produces plant-based foods for infant consumption.

They have a market cap of above $230 million and have the opportunity to become publically traded in the near future.

Market Cap: $230 million

Average Volume: 136.8K

How to Find Vegan Stocks 

Finding the best vegan stocks is a simple process we outline below. Follow these quick steps.

In this example, we are using Robinhood which is one of the most popular free brokerages available.

1. Sign up for a free Robinhood account – Click Here to Sign Up With Free Stock

2. Click the search bar on top and enter “vegan” and wait a few seconds.

3. You will notice the various vegan companies that appear in the dropdown menu. Click whichever company you prefer.

Overall, these are the best vegan stocks to buy in 2022 and beyond. Always be sure to invest responsibly!

Refer to the video below for even more ideas for finding the best vegan stocks!


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Best Vegan Stocks FAQ

What are the Best Vegan Stocks to Buy Now?

The best vegan stocks to buy now are BYND, TTCF, OTLY, and others found in this guide.

What is a Vegan Stock?

A vegan stock refers to the stock of a company that is involved in the business of producing or distributing vegan food products.

How Many People are Vegan?

It’s estimated that over 79 million people in the world are vegan.

Are Vegan Stocks a Good Investment?

Vegan stocks have historically been good investments during recent periods in history. Always be sure to assess the risk of any investment prior to buying.